Network Security

Image for Network SecurityOur network security experts can evaluate your infrastructure, suggest and implement firewall and VPN solutions to protect your companies valuable data.

  • Firewall solutions
  • VPN solutions and remote access
  • Access control
  • Penetration Testing
  • Server security
  • Demilitarized zones (DMZ)

Call us and have a peace of mind that your network is secured.

System integration

Image for System IntegrationFor the design and delivery of hardware and software solutions, Eventsys Ltd. relies on its perfect partnership with the representatives of all big IT companies on the Bulgarian market.

Being an independent supplier, we select the most suitable solution for the customer, instead of offering the products of a certain company. Our experience as a consultant and integrator of IT infrastructure for hotels and business buildings enables us to see each project from various points of view, identifying the key issues and guaranteeing the sustainable operation of all sub-systems.

For the performance of the specific tasks, Eventsys Ltd. hires expert subcontractors in a certain field and takes on the full responsibility of the high quality and timely implementation of the project. You can also rely on us for the total maintenance of the whole solution or parts of it.

IT Service Support

Image for IT Service SupportThe subscription information services enable the companies to outsource partially or fully the IT activities and services, which are not directly related to their business.

Evenrsys Ltd. may act as an outsourced IT department, which offers services from IT specialist to CIO. The monthly fee for the service depends on the software used, hardware base, work cycle (working hours), reaction time and package chosen.

You can always relay on our quick reaction and professional attitude, irrespective whether this concerns the solution of a user's problem, or migration of server database.

IT Consulting

Image for IT ConsultingThe lack of expert opinion on the implementation of Information Technologies leads to defects, which require costs much higher than the consultant’s payment. The consultancy services may significantly reduce the migration from one platform to another, the change of information systems and other complicated IT processes.

We can analyze and optimize the business needs and select the appropriate technology considering the allocated budget, without ignoring the customer’s short and long-term purposes. By using the best from the commercial and open-source software, we achieve maximum profitability of the investments the company has made, without conflicting with its IT policy and procedures.

Helpdesk and IT Outsourcing

Image for Helpdesk and IT OutsourcingIT outsourcing is very popular today and only few do it right. When choosing an IT support provider one has to be careful and consider what each company has to offer.

From disaster recovery and remote backup to project management - we have all the bases covered. Rest assured that we handle all your IT related problems as our own.

Using our IT support services, our staff will become your staff and the issues and questions are addressed the most prominent way.

It is like having your own in-house IT  Department, without having to pay the stellar salaries for highly qualified engineers.

Contact us and see IT Outsourcing done right.

Your Account Manager

Working closely with your dedicated account manager you can rest assured that your business will get the optimal service tailored to your specific needs. The account manager will be responsible to provide you the best service, will have in-depth knowledge of your business and will allways know to keep you the most productive.

You will not have to discuss to different people every time you call us, your account manager is be your representative within our staff.